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EmpowerLink Services, is a Human Resources (HR) consulting company born out of our desire, to empower businesses with their much needed HR expertise. With over 17 years of experience predominantly in a multinational context, we bring HR best practice principles to you. We offer a professional tailored HR solution to meet our clients’ needs. Thus, empowering our clients by being the missing HR Link, as we journey and grow your people with you.

Years of Experience and Exposure

17 years' of experience. Exposure to the entrepreneurial landscape, international (ISO) standards and the HR professional body, (SABPP).
We give our clients peace of mind.

Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment

Level 1, 100% Female Owned.
We partner with corporates to support their Enterprise and Supplier Development beneficiaries, with access to bespoke HR expertise.

Our Network of Trusted Service Providers

We are able to leverage on our network of trusted HR associates and specialist service providers, in Health & Safety, Labour Law services, Digital Employee Engagement, and Leadership Development.

Featured HR Support Workshops & Consultations

hr-guide for entrepreneurs

People can make or break any business. It is thus essential that entrepreneurs, understand the important role that Human Resources play within their business. Making informed decisions, makes good business sense. This 3 hour workshop introduces the entrepreneur to a basic introduction to HR and broad overview of your legal obligations as an employer.


Making the wrong hiring decision, can cost the business owner time, money and loss in productivity, amongst other things. This practical 2 hour workshop covers the recruitment process and legal considerations.


Managing discipline can be tricky for a owner, especially if you do not have a disciplinary procedure and disciplinary code of conduct in place. Losing a case for unfair dismissal at the CCMA, can cost a company dearly. It is therefore of the outmost importance that entrepreneurs understand how to handle misconduct in the workplace. This practical 3 hour workshop covers the disciplinary procedure, how to fairly handle misconduct in the workplace, prepare for a disciplinary hearing and related dismissal.


Managing employee performance can be tough, especially within a small business as poor performance can have a negative impact on the bottom line. Employee performance is a key ingredient to the success of your business. This practical 3 hour workshop covers the practical steps for managing employee performance including poor performance and related dismissal.


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we both work and live. Fear, stress and anxiety could be caused by several reasons. Whether it is due to the constant news of death, concerns about your health and that of your family, or the uncertainty of your job, your business, and the future. You or your employees could be on the brink of burnout, which could lead to other mental health challenges. This can be overwhelming, for anyone. Mental health concerns in the workplace is thus on the increasing. As an employer or HR professional, you may be facing employees that are currently not coping mentally. In our 1 hour workshop, we cover practical interventions for organisations to consider in order to support their employees.


As the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions ease, your employees may be returning to work either full at the office or partially at home and at the office (in hybrid model). Our practical 1 hour workshop will deal with how to reintegrate your employee back into the office, together with managing resistance.

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