Bringing HR Best Practice to Business


Importance of Values in a Company

Company values are the heartbeat of the company. Company values have been around in big corporates for many, many years. They have given companies a blueprint of who they want to invite into their space and how the company wants to be represented. Every value that businesses choose as their

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Connect, Engage, Action and Perform…

Do you ever wonder why certain employees are so passionate about their work and consistently outperform the rest of their team members, while others in contrast, are simply checked out, and disengaged with no zest at all?   Research indicates, that organisations with highly engaged employees have better productivity levels

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5 Tips for enhancing your Talent Strategies

We are living and working in unprecedented times. As business leaders and HR professionals, it is key to evolve your business strategy to meet your market demands.   Included in your business strategy, is crafting your next-generation talent strategies, needed to thrive in today’s turbulent markets. Here are five tips

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